Don’t Wait

Don’t Wait

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I was 5 years old when I first became enthralled with airplanes.  I loved stunt shows and even just watching regular planes coming in and out of the airports.  I was 13 years old when I decided I needed to learn how to fly.  I did a report on Amelia Earhart and thought she was unbearably exciting.

But it took me until my mid-forties to find myself in the cockpit of a plane.



The instructor was kind, patient, and gave me a great deal of information.  I learned about the many types and angles of the wings and why they are used.  About the instrument panel, especially the 6 pack (not how I typically have used that term in the past).  And about the use of both the rudder pedals and the control wheel.

But it wasn’t until I was in the air and maneuvering the plane to the targets the instructor suggested (turn 180 degrees until you see the lake with the tower then level out) that I felt…connected.

I plan to work towards a license and understand that there is a great deal I will need to learn to fly a plane solo.  However, if you know me you understand being present with each adventure and finding the lesson every time is imperative.




So, what’s the lesson?

There are two.

  1. Absorb the details then breathe into the movement.
  2. Don’t wait.

Breathe into movement:  Whenever you are trying something new you must be open to learning the details, to figuring out how to safely navigate the new experience, and to know this can take time.  If the adventure in any capacity is movement related, you will be well served to breathe into the moment.  When you move from the brain to the body, add breath and feeling, then you will be able to incorporate more of the technical learning into confidence and proficiency.  He called me “a natural” because breathing is natural and that was what enabled me to feel the movement of the wings as if they were my arms.

Don’t wait:  When I came back and shared photos of the experience with friends many of them said, “I’ve always wanted to do that!”  It took me back to my lifelong fascination with flying.  I realized flying had been a bucket list item for years.  I wondered why I had waited so long.  As humans, we are prone to waiting.  To finding the right time for things.  To getting all the information before diving in.  To be filled with regret when we realize the opportunity has passed us by.  I don’t want that for me. And I don’t want that for my friends.

My advice to you today is to decide on one ‘thing’ that has been calling you.  One activity, decision, adventure that lights you up.  And act on it right now. Research it. Call someone whose done it. Make a reservation.

Do something to move you in the direction of the voice in your heart that has been calling you.


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    Just start where you are, the time is NOW to do that which you want!

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