A New Perspective on Gratitude for the Weary

A New Perspective on Gratitude for the Weary

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If you have been following my blogs or social media posts you know that my ‘happy place’, where I go to find peace, is on my beach.  From this picture, you can see the other beach across the lake.  img_2087

I’m not sure why…but yesterday I decided to drive around to the other beach and take solace there.

As I sat enjoying a light breeze blowing my hair across my face, I realized that a different perspective can be quite fascinating.

From here I noticed the sun reflecting on the water looked like diamonds and the wind direction created varying designs. From this spot the sun was more on my side and back.  On the other beach at this time it would be on my face and chest.  The shadows were also different.  How we feel the positive alters our perception of the shadows…within and around us.

img_2086There has been more difficulty and division in my life, and the world, than I recall in some time.  This is the perfect opportunity for me to contemplate the power of perspective.

Seeing other perspectives doesn’t have the goal, or the result, of making people happy.  That’s not really the point.  It comes from a place of seeing each other as human with decent, if different, intentions, experience, ideas, goals, and limitations. It can help you make better choices.  And be more peaceful in each interaction.

I typically stay clear of politics unless it’s something minor that alludes to how it applies to my focus on life, love, and the pursuit of joyful contribution.  This is one of those moments.

There’s so much finger pointing, animosity, and lack of regard (from both sides) in politics and the world today.  Such a shortage of the ability or inclination to see another perspective.  Compromise and connection comes only when we take the time to listen and seek to understand.

Recently I must admit I was holding fast to an opinion about something and felt I was “right”.  When I let down my guard and heard the other person’s side, I felt for them.  The anger subsided.  My opinion didn’t change.  But my heart did.

I realized that steadfast in love, acceptance, appreciation, and character is good.  Steadfast in your attachment to a perception with little or no regard for the bigger picture…is not.

Is there something you are struggling with?  An inner war you are waging?  A battle with a loved one?  What would happen if you stepped into them and tried to see things from their perspective?  I guarantee it’s an exercise with more benefits than I could ever explain here.  For me, I find my mind and heart opens.

And for that I am grateful.




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