Move it!

Move it!

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Do you remember your last move?  Do you remember the planning, the boxes, the purging, the lifting, the sorting, the PAIN?

Or do you remember the excitement, the comfort, the relief and the peace when it was over?

I imagine your answer depends on where you are in the process!


Have you ever tried to lose weight, train for a race, or simply eat healthier?

Was your focus on what you had to give up, getting up early, the PAIN?

Or how amazing and confident you would look or feel?


Do you have a current sales or business goal?  Something outside your comfort zone?  Something that, if achieved, would relieve stress and frustration…would provide you freedom, pride, and joy?


But the idea of doing it is PAINful?

The problem…and the solution…are in the FOCUS.

You aren’t alone.  People have goals they don’t achieve all the time.  For the simple reason they are focusing on the pain and not on the pleasure of the end result.  They are afraid.  They let their insecurities, the objections of others, and useless distractions keep them from taking action.

Are you Tired of this cycle?  Then embrace the pain but focus on the pleasure.  Accept and appreciate the discomfort that you will work through and use to make you stronger while keeping your eye on the outcome you desire and how crazy awesome your life will be when you get there.

  • Look at your goal.  Really look at it.  WHY is it important to you?  What problem will it solve, what pain will it relieve, what positive feeling will it provide?  (note- if your why doesn’t excite and motivate you everything that follows will mean nothing)
  • What will it take?  Is there a belief you have about your ability that you have to work through and release?  Something blocking you?  Do you need to surround yourself with more empowering people who can help you in the process?  Many people don’t take the time to do this step.  They wonder why they are demotivated instead of addressing it ahead of time.
  • Find your Focus.  Focus on the goal.  On your WHY.  On solutions.  Options. Opportunities. Every Single Day.  You have a choice.  There will always be obstacles and naysayers.  Your brain will be wired to keep you comfortable in your current state…even though you know your future state will be infinitely better.  So focus on that future state…the results and especially the feeling you will have when you accomplish your goal.
  • Take Action.  Remember that Movement Creates Momentum.  Take action on your goal every day and each action will create energy, clarity, and drive you closer to the end result. Focus on what you want…and move toward it.  Look at your plan, prioritize key actions, and MOVE IT!

If you need help with any of these steps just let me know.  Let’s light that fire that gets you moving!

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