The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time

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Time is perception.  Time is our most valuable asset.  Time is of the essence.  Time is what we most want when we get close to the idea of it slipping away…

Recently I’ve experienced several time related issues.

  • I missed a deadline for something I really wanted to do.
  • My speaking business is seasonal.  Ok, I’m not a landscaper!  But speakers are in high demand in the fall and spring.  Most conferences take place then. So I’m SUPER BUSY right now.
  • I had a close friend suddenly take ill.  She is thankfully ok, but the prognosis was grave and it caused us to pause, honor, and long for more time.
  • Someone close to me had a very interesting decision to make that relates to time.  This story I’ll share here.

I get a call that (hmmmm, let’s call her Mona) Mona has put her house on the market and signed herself into an assisted living facility.  It’s my job to ‘talk some sense into her’.  You see she will most likely run out of money before she runs out of breath…

Mona is a vibrant 77 year old woman who doesn’t realize that she’s in great shape.  She thinks that normal 70 year old aches and pains are dire.  But the real problem with Mona is that she’s a people person.  Her husband passed a few years back.  Her friends are passing all around her.  She is a terrible driver and knows that she should not get behind the wheel.  So her days and evenings get….lonely.

There’s a decision here.  She has chosen to live now.  To surround herself with people.  To have fun.  She doesn’t know what the future will hold and likely it could be challenging.  But when asked her response is, “I could die tomorrow my dear.  I want to live today.”

What are your thoughts on this?  The practical financial choices versus the living life on your own terms choices.

For those who know me, you know I couldn’t follow through on my task of ‘talking some sense into her’ because I’m with her.  I live my life that way…finding joy in the moment.  But I definitely see both sides of the story and look forward to your comments and perceptions…



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