5 Tips to Save Thanksgiving

5 Tips to Save Thanksgiving

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Would you like to release worry and stress this Thanksgiving?  And instead be present, happy, and connected to your loved ones?

Gratitude can help you make the shift.

Gratitude is often talked about but overall still severely lacking in consistent attainment.  Technology has built a wall that makes it easy to complain and berate.  But the moments of saying Thank you, I appreciate you, You’ve done a great job, I’m sorry, You are special, and I love you seem to have become difficult and these are what will change the world….the world around you and within you.

Gratitude raises you above the ego and above fear.  It elevates you to a higher perspective and a vibration that will not only serve others but will open you to receiving more positive energy and possibility than you could ever conceive while remaining at a lower, base energy.

I could spend days discussing the theory of gratitude but I’m an action oriented fire girl….so let’s go!

This week you will have a grand opportunity to put this into action.  Many people think it comes so naturally at Thanksgiving.  BUT…

  • If you’ve ever stressed out because the house wasn’t clean enough
  • Or you worried the food wouldn’t come out hot
  • Or wondered if Uncle Joe would stumble and knock something over again
  • Or fear your mother in law would ever so politely make you feel inadequate
  • Or ….Ok, you get the picture.

Family and friend gatherings bring different personalities, viewpoints, and histories together in a close space.  This can lead to stress.

Instead recognize Thanksgiving as the perfect place to let go of fearful worry and focus on deep heartfelt connections.  To set an example of true gratitude.  And then watch the magic unfold.

Let’s put this into a 5 step easy plan

  1. On Wednesday or Thursday morning, grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit quietly for 5 minutes. Spend some of the time simply being present.  Quiet any nervous worry and focus on your breath, the warmth of the cup, the taste on your tongue, and gratitude for this time and this day.  This is practice.
  2. Whether you are traveling to visit someone, cooking for 30, or planning to eat alone…periodically stop, take a few breaths, close your eyes, and find 1 thing to be grateful for. It can be simple.  I’m thankful for the smell of apples.  I’m thankful for the sun.  I’m thankful for the ability to hear laughter.  These should be easy, and it must be done often.  It’s a lesson in observation.
  3. As the day progresses you might stumble across some challenges. A promise isn’t kept, something starts to burn, an unkind word is uttered, a stuffed bear gets lost.  Expect these things to happen because they do.  It’s the world.  Human nature.  Stop before you do anything.  And put the issue in perspective.  Often the big expectations, the grand meal, the significance of the occasion can lead us to react in ways that are larger than necessary.
  4. Seek out the beauty. Look for the smile, the person who lends a hand, the loving touch, the kind gesture, the goodness within, the million things that are going right all around you.
  5. Don’t wait for the specified ‘time’-perhaps for your family it’s when you begin or end your meal. Every Single Time you witness something beautiful that fills your heart with gratitude…express it.  Say thank you.  Tell someone you love them.  When you honestly see and feel the gratitude your expressions will be true and authentic.  Not only will it fill you, but it will be felt by others.  The energy will be shared and the ripple effect will ensure it gets passed over and over again.

Use this 5 step plan to help you focus on what’s really important.  Use it to reconnect to the love and kindness inside and share it with others. Let me know about the differences you experience within you or the different responses you receive.  I love to hear your stories!

In gratitude for my friends and clients who listen, read, and share my musings,



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