I Feel… Therefore I Am.

I Feel… Therefore I Am.

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I close my eyes and click the off button on the TV.  THIS is why I rarely watch it…

I just saw a ‘year in review’.   A clip of the biggest events in 2017.  It was sad and devastating.  So much fear.  So much pain.  So much loss.


Very little goodness.

Is it because it doesn’t exist or because we don’t sensationalize it?

As an empath, I take on the emotions around me.  It can be good and it can be awful.  I don’t talk about this much because it comes across as ‘crunchy’- as too outside of the comfort level of many.  If I may, an empath feels so deeply that there is no hiding emotion.  But no matter who you are, or how perceptive you are, you have the capacity to feel and to pick up on the emotional charge around you, should you so desire.

Choose wisely.

You could choose to see the hurt that is caused or the judgments that are passed.

Or you could choose to pick up on a loving touch or gaze.   To notice random acts of kindness.  To see the good in people.  It’s there.  It’s all around you.

If you want peace, contentment, positive results, constructive energy, joy, love, and a life you can be proud of then it is your duty to protect it.  To protect it from overdramatization.

Life happens. And life includes difficulties, challenge and fear.

But as life unfolds it also includes unbelievable beauty and kindness.  We just need to open ourselves to the goodness.  To compassion

It’s not sexy.

It’s not going to draw a crowd.

But it will fill you and guide you in a way that inspires you to do more, to be better, to take significant and long-lasting actions.

Honor You.

And if we each do that.  If we each live in integrity with who we want to be and surround ourselves with people who lift and inspire us, then we can impact the world in a way that makes it impossible for it not to change in a powerful and positive way.




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