Simple?  Yes. Easy?  No.  Worthwhile?  100%!

Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Worthwhile? 100%!

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When I take action- I take massive action.  When I make a decision, it typically has the capacity to change things in a big way.  When I climb, it’s a mountain.  When I jump out of something, it’s a plane.  I’m an extremist!

You don’t have to do what I do to have what I have. You can simplify the message-sit with the essence, an element, a portion of what relates to YOU. And do That. But Do Something.


In the last year I came to realize that I had created too many options. Now don’t get me wrong. I like options. But doing things in their time. Prioritizing. This is important when it comes to options. Extremists might choose to do everything simultaneously. Because you can. And I did. And I learned a great deal. Until the lesson was to stop. Options were hurting my body.

I realized it was time to simplify. Time to take the lessons I learned, laser focus them, and do one thing. Do one thing WELL. I chose BEing as my one thing.

Being present

Finding and BEing Me

Me with a higher purpose

Being fully immersed in each individual moment while following this singular purpose.

You may question, “This is simple??” You may think this is complex. But the process and the result were simplicity.

To achieve my goal, I chose to let go of many things.

Material possessions. I put the few I wanted to keep in storage. I simplified the clutter…creating space to breathe.

Certain activities. I gave notice at jobs (I had too many!), stopped working with negative clients, removed toxic events and people…creating space to think.

Tech Chaos. I got back to the basics of nature. Walks, hikes, swinging in hammocks, exploring clouds, reveling in shades of flowers and the way raindrops looked as they splashed in puddles. I honored the levels of quiet…creating space to hear.

And them there was the relationship release…

  • I purposely look at and listen to those who speak to me…creating presence and deeper connection.
  • I gave up my agenda during conversations
  • I threw away judgments and expectations
  • I decided to stop being so hard on myself

I don’t do any of this perfectly. But there is perfection in the attempt.

And the resulting peace I feel is unlike any I’ve known before.



BEing Me



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