Family and Business-A fine line.

Family and Business-A fine line.

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Don’t leave your loved ones behind….

Time and time again I hear stories. Stories of breakups, loss, looking back in regret with, “I should have given my family more time”

Passionate entrepreneurs often get focused on striving for greatness. We wake up in the middle of the night to write an exciting idea in a journal. At dinner, we take notes on napkins. We stay late at meetings. We eat, breathe, and sleep (or not) the vision of the legacy we are looking to leave.

And loved ones can suffer.

But they don’t have to!

Ask yourself.  How can I engage my family?

Much like you would spend time brainstorming ideas on how to engage your employees, take the time to discover ways to get your family involved in your world. You won’t regret it. You might ask your employees for their input, discover hidden talents you can use, and find ways to help them grow. For your family, you will need to get just as creative. Some options:

  • Run business ideas by your kids and get a new and interesting perspective. My kids have asked questions during these conversations that have sparked new blogs, new ways to handle a tough client, and even new products.  (It’s best to do this while also doing something physical. I find shooting hoops and hiking to be effective energy and idea producing activities)
  • See if your significant other/spouse has a skill or interest that you could incorporate. I know many entrepreneurs whose spouses help with bookkeeping, social media posting, design, etc. I have had great success with mine taking over video production. If you’ve been with me for awhile, he’s the reason my videos are way more professional and have much higher audio quality than ever before.
  • At the least you can communicate how your business is impacting the world…or that it’s the reason Disney World is on the vacation plan for next year!

One caveat you want to remember- it has to be a two way street and FUN! Draw them in with activities that actually interest them and that can benefit your business. And if it’s stressful revisit and adapt as necessary. This is to enhance the relationship…not derail it.

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