The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love

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Love is one of those gifts that you give yourself as soon as you give it away.

Today’s musings are just that.  Random thoughts on a topic bigger than anyONE.

Being loved

If you are in a relationship and feeling the glow and beauty of being loved, then gratitude is in order.  Because that is a gift.  A gift to be cherished and not to be taken for granted.  I am a fan of love…ever believing in love…hopeless romantic.  But I see love slip away from people.  I have felt the heartache of it slipping through my fingers, falling from my heart.  And it can be devastating.  The pain of having loved and lost can be overwhelming. However I will tell you no matter how much you are hurting, it beats the pain of never having loved at all.  Regret is a lonely place to sit.  And THAT is why when we feel love, we want to hold it gently. Not so tightly that we squeeze it away. But gently, with reverence, and gratitude. Thankful for the honor of being and feeling love.


If you are feeling lonely at this moment in time. Wishing and longing for love. Trying and failing at this ‘relationship thing’.  Don’t worry. You are simply looking in the wrong direction. Looking outside of yourself. Hoping for someone to see you. Attempting to be someone you’re not to make someone love you. Trying to change someone else into the perfect ‘vision’ of love you see in your mind. This has been tried.  Over and Over and Over.  And rarely with much success. Turn it around and look within.

Loving self

Give yourself the love you desire. Love yourself so hard all your broken pieces fall back together. Accept yourself for your humanness. See yourself for who you really are…and respect it.  If there are parts you want to change, that’s fine.  We can all work on being kinder, more gracious, more something.  But don’t allow that striving for better to keep you from acknowledging the perfection of where and who you are right now.  It has to start there.

A funny thing happens when you do that.  When you work on loving yourself (the hardest love there is because of the prevalence in the world of self doubt and not feeling ‘enough’) then, and only then, can you become the person who draws the deep, meaningful, real love that transforms.

Just so you know, every word I speak here comes from my heart.  From my experience. I have loved deeply and I have hurt greatly.  I have felt lonely and felt unworthy of love.  I have taken the time to see me and love me for all that I am.  And I have risen to love again. In gratitude.  I’m not telling you anything I haven’t already felt deeply.  And I know I’m on a never ending journey.  The process of loving isn’t one I would ever choose to have end.  I’m in it for always.  Through all the ups and downs.

Give it away

But through it all the one thing I know in my soul is that the most healing love is the love that you give away.  The unconditional love, with no expectation, partnered with the action of appreciation…THIS is the biggest, strongest, deepest, most beautiful gift you will ever receive.

And that is what I wish for you today.

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