Finding Clarity

Finding Clarity

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CLARITY- the elusive nature of clarity in today’s world is both ironic and inspiring. Because you can find something everyone seeks and then realize it’s been in you all along….

There have been years of my life where I’ve felt like this picture.  As if in a fog, moving forward, unclear as to where I was going. Wishing I could better see the future and know if I was walking into danger…but I kept moving forward.  Hoping I was going in the right direction.

Sometimes I was.  Sometimes I wasn’t.

Clarity of vision. Of what you want. Whether specific results, acquiring some ‘thing’, or feeling a certain way….  Helps create consistency.  You can take steps consistently toward a clear goal. There’s less meandering, faltering, going off track. Notice I said less…I didn’t say none.

But the passion of purpose is like the sun. You know when a day begins foggy and the sun comes along and literally burns the fog away-and by afternoon there’s a crispness in the air? You appreciate, even if only momentarily, the ability to see clearly. A passionate purpose is like that. A burning desire to create something to leave behind. To make the world better. Whether for you that means ‘your world’ as in for you, your family, your community….or perhaps you really do mean “the world.” Perhaps the goal you are striving for will literally change the world.  Either way Purpose creates Clarity. It helps you see the right steps, find the right people, and understand what you may need to remove to consistently move forward toward achieving the results you want.

For many of my clients, clarity is hidden. It’s not that they don’t know what they want. It’s not even that they don’t know what special gifts they have or how those gifts can meaningfully serve.

It’s that they can’t see or hear them. Because they are covered by distraction. By other peoples’ goals. By the noise of fear or self-doubt.

My job is to help you remove the distractions, breakthrough the fear, and dig deeply. Sometimes with the pick of forgiveness, the shovel of compassion, and the magnifying glass of an open heart.

I know now that my foggy days have taught me what I needed to help others see clearly.

What battles have you endured? What lessons have they taught you? What gifts have they uncovered that enable you to follow your path?

I’m interested to hear.

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