Ruthless Clarity: Top 5 Tips to Make a Powerful Impact on Your Business

Ruthless Clarity: Top 5 Tips to Make a Powerful Impact on Your Business

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Often my blogs, video SPARKS, and motivational speaker tips are based upon what is below the surface of my clients. Those hidden fears, limiting beliefs and vulnerabilities that need to be removed or shifted to open the space for creativity, productivity and growth.

But I think it’s time to lay out some simple, straight forward professional tips that anyone at any level of development can take to overcome business challenge and achieve sales success and business leadership.

Use the following suggestions to make a powerful impact on your business and your life.

· Be honest and ruthless in the assessment and improvement of your expenses. The task of candid expense tracking will reveal what is truly necessary. There’s a ‘low hanging fruit’ level that is simple to find and fix. Then there’s the next level of review that takes a little time and effort to evaluate- looking at want vs need and which vendors/products/overhead/expenditures offer the most value.

· Laser focus. In today’s world distraction is everywhere. You don’t even have to be an idea-churning-squirrel-chaser to feel it. Choose your top three mandatory actions each day that contribute best to achieving your primary vision. Do them first. Make it as important to you as a doctor’s appointment. Because it is the key to your business health.

· Use don’t abuse technology. In alignment with productivity enhancement, examine what technology is working for you. Get rid of what isn’t effective. Make use of the incredible number of great time-saving business tools and apps available today. If a system you’re currently using steals your energy and takes too long or is any way arduous instead of helpful…. review other options. There are too many cost-effective choices available to stay with something irritating and awful just because the idea of changing seems painful. NOTE: Know what you don’t know. This isn’t an area that comes naturally to me. Instead of trying to learn about technology, I spent my time finding people who find joy in it. Paying others to do what you don’t do well is the best money your business can buy.

· Know who you best serve and do everything in your power to serve them better than anyone else. Trying to be everything to everyone makes you scattered and ineffective. When you get clarity on who most needs/wants what you do, then give more value than they expect. Voila- magic happens. NOTE: Market well. Once you know your best client profile…go where they are. Marketing the way you like without seriously considering your target leads to shotgun networking “I’m out at breakfast meetings, luncheons, and after hours events…why isn’t my business growing??” How about instead you choose one group where you’ll most likely find your best clients- then join the board, volunteer at an event, give of yourself there. Much more effective!

· Gauge your emotions. Self-awareness is key. Being busy and stressed out isn’t the measure of success the world might indicate it is. Are you happy? Do you find fulfillment in your achievements? Are you aware of how you are impacting others with your actions and energy? Life is full of opportunities. If you are currently in a situation that is emotionally draining it is time to take a hard look at what is important. Business success doesn’t need to come at the expense of your health and the detriment of your relationships. True success is assessing your priorities and choosing to follow a path that allows for attaining financial goals, deeper relationships, joy and any other achievements that are significant to YOU.

When I made these five steps a priority in my life, I tripled my business in one year. These are the very same tips I shared with my coaching clients who have become adept at overcoming fear and have taken massive action that has resulted in substantial success in their sales and businesses. This is the reason I hop out of bed excited to take on each day.

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