Oh the Benefits and Flexibility of Laryngitis!

Oh the Benefits and Flexibility of Laryngitis!

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Please don’t tell me how many of you read that title and immediately thought of the benefit to YOU that I can’t speak!  I don’t want to know.  What I meant is there was actually a benefit to ME that I couldn’t speak. It was a recharge of my flexibility card.

The common phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ can expand to a more generic ‘challenge is what generates innovative solutions!’  For instance, losing my voice caused me to have to cancel several meetings and a couple podcasts. I could have focused on the backlog of work I will have or that I would be letting down my podcast listeners. But instead I took the challenge and thought about how I could mix things up.

I have been so excited about the From Fear to Fire podcast that I haven’t done many of the blogs I enjoy writing so much. Laryngitis gave me the opportunity to put pen to paper (technically fingers to the keyboard for this one) and think through a blog topic that could be short and sweet and beneficial to my audience. It also forced me to work on some back end technology I have been avoiding like the plague.  And a bit of de-cluttering that always increases the flow of great energy.  All positive solutions!

A side added bonus was that I allowed my body to rest and added in some lovely and constructive meditation I needed more than I realized.

I believe the flexibility to bob and weave and go with the flow is a valuable entrepreneurial trait. It comes naturally to some and takes more effort for others. Thankfully it’s only partially intrinsic. There are things you can do to learn more flexibility and openness to new options and ideas.

Two easy ones I like are to:

  1. Be observant of all the ways other people innovate when they are adaptable. Use this as example and motivation.
  2. Practice getting a little uncomfortable every day so that you are more prepared for last minute changes when they arise. Try taking a different route home or talking to strangers. (Note: Do not do this last one if you’re a child. That’s frowned upon!)

View the small challenges in life as an opportunity to practice being more flexible. Let me know what great new habits and concepts come from this.


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