Take the Leap with Katie Bohrer

Take the Leap with Katie Bohrer

From Fear to Fire: Secrets to Overcome Fear, Embrace your Gifts and Achieve Success

This is the place where real people share real challenges. Where you can find a common bond and uncommon wisdom through their stories. Use tips from the breakthroughs of others to jump start your success. Speaker, author, adventurer, and host Heather Hansen O’Neill takes you on the journey from fear to fire. Today we talk about how to overcome fear and take the leap toward the things we want in life.

This week’s theme: Take the Leap

There are moments of opportunity in everyone’s life when you have to dive into something scary. It’s not easy. People may encourage you to hold back and stay safe. But the little voice inside of you tells you to make the ask, move the muscle, and take the leap. When we follow our heart, our intuition and our inner voice, we build strength and courage.

You have to believe you know best for your life.” ~Katie Bohrer

Katie Bohrer

is our guest expert on this topic. She’s a dynamic hospitality enthusiast and has taken the 360-degree tour of the industry throughout her career. She has truly seen all sides of the hospitality industry, from working with Gaylord Hotels on the event management side, to a third-party sourcing agency, to global sales with MGM Resorts Event Productions, and overseeing operations for a creative agency & event production company. Originally from Plano, TX, she was thrilled to move back home in 2019 for her new role at Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI). In her role, she oversees the ALHI internal events and works closely with their prestigious collection of over 250 hotels, cruise lines, airlines, and DMCs to host incredible experiences that bring clients and partners together. She is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and has spent time on the board of both the MPI DFW & MPI Tennessee Chapters, and is a member of the SITE TX Chapter.

Connect with Katie

kbohrer@alhi.com, or on Instagram @katiedbohrer, where you may find more photos of her dog, Charley.

Check out the podcast with ALHI CEO Mike Dominguez HERE.

Live your life and forget your age” ~anon

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