Don’t Wait

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I was 5 years old when I first became enthralled with airplanes.  I loved stunt shows and even just watching regular planes coming in and out of the airports.  I was 13 years old when I decided I needed to … Read More

Nightmare on Control Street

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It was dark.  Scary.  The wind was blowing…. STOP. This is all wrong.  The ‘control freak’ readers of this blog understand fully that this isn’t a solo event, on a dark street.  What I speak of is the real deal.  … Read More

The Power of Massive Activity

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As you know I often write of simplifying your life, focus, and efficiency.  Today, my emphasis is in a different area.  I’m going to discuss the power of massive activity. I will freely admit that I have a full life.  … Read More

You Can Change the World…

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I don’t often (ok NEVER) talk politics, religion, or other hot topics that produce polarized opinions that incite pain and hatred.  I don’t.  I can’t contribute to that. I prefer to live in the land of the human spirit.  I … Read More

PLAY with Love

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Roses are RedViolets are BlueIt’s FebruaryAnd I appreciate YOU. When you think about someone loving you…what comes to mind? When you think about demonstrating love to someone you care about…what comes to mind? When you think about love for your … Read More

Footprints on our Hearts

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This week I am thinking of the people that come in and out of our lives.People pass before us, walk along side of us, and sometimes crash into us.Picture a NY city street where you hurry along in your own … Read More

Get Turned On!

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Yes.  This is one of my more risqué blogs.  If you offend easily feel free to link to this bloginstead-https://findyourfire.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/live-and-appreciate-the-silence/For the rest of you–Want to get turned on??Seriously.  I want you to think about what happens to you when you’re turned … Read More

Music to My Ears…..

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When I was young I would hear a song that touched me and be completely incapable of stillness.As I grew into the angst of the teens a sad and soulful song could pull tears from me and soothe me like … Read More

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