The Path to Peace…

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Snapping at loved ones.  Laughing less.  Engaging in battles to defend myself.  Feeling a heavy weight on my shoulders… Recently I came to realize I was doing all of these.  And more.  And these things are not me.  They are … Read More

Break Wide Open

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Holding back the tears, I left to find solace. I headed to the place I go, where peace inevitably descends. It’s funny how the same spot can look so different with the seasons, yet always produce the same effect.  One … Read More

I Feel… Therefore I Am.

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I close my eyes and click the off button on the TV.  THIS is why I rarely watch it… I just saw a ‘year in review’.   A clip of the biggest events in 2017.  It was sad and devastating.  So … Read More

5 Tips to Save Thanksgiving

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Would you like to release worry and stress this Thanksgiving?  And instead be present, happy, and connected to your loved ones? Gratitude can help you make the shift. Gratitude is often talked about but overall still severely lacking in consistent … Read More

Buddha Meets Heather in the Stairwell

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As you may suspect, not only don’t I discuss politics…but religion, money, and reality TV are big no no’s on my discussion lists. So you may wonder why I have a blog about Buddha. You see… I was walking down … Read More

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