Finding Clarity

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CLARITY- the elusive nature of clarity in today’s world is both ironic and inspiring. Because you can find something everyone seeks and then realize it’s been in you all along…. There have been years of my life where I’ve felt … Read More

What Do You See?

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One could see….Dark. Dreary. Cloudy. Nasty. Cold. Or one could look deeper. Just beyond the clouds is a ray of sun. There’s wind blowing. Movement. Just below the ice, the water flows. That water pushes, thrusts, and breaks through the … Read More

The Gift of Love

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Love is one of those gifts that you give yourself as soon as you give it away. Today’s musings are just that.  Random thoughts on a topic bigger than anyONE. Being loved If you are in a relationship and feeling … Read More

Family and Business-A fine line.

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Don’t leave your loved ones behind…. Time and time again I hear stories. Stories of breakups, loss, looking back in regret with, “I should have given my family more time” Passionate entrepreneurs often get focused on striving for greatness. We … Read More

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