From Fear to Fire Episode 2: Denise Lamoureux- Healing with Denise

From Fear to Fire:
Secrets to overcome fear, embrace your gifts and achieve success.

The From Fear to Fire podcast shares interviews of both the most successful business people and the “Average Joe” just like all of us overcoming fear. We uncover the fears they face and the hidden strategies they found to breakthrough to success. Guests open up about the self induced limitations that held them back and the journey that taught them how to move through the fear into an inner peace and fire that lights the way for others. Everyone faces challenge. Everyone has fear. It’s this common bond and the sharing of ideas that will help you achieve the results you desire. Listen for the hope and positive outcome in each story that you can use to improve your business and life. In addition to the interviews you will find brief clips of extra resources: book reviews, quick Sparks of inspiration, and more tips to help you overcome everyday challenge and move forward to a more peaceful, productive, joyful and energized life!

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Today’s podcast features Denise Lamoureux.

Denise was the founder of Finding Feathers Wellness Center in Fairfield, CT. She is a certified Crystal Dream Healer, IYS Therapist, Reiki Master, Channel and Trauma healer. In addition to her energy certifications, she studies the brain and the neurological system and the effects of childhood trauma in addiction, anxiety,auto-immune and the physical body. She teaches transformational workshops and runs powerful healing meditations. Her successful one on one healing business has been making extraordinary strides in the healing of addiction, anxiety, physical ailments and PTSD.

Healing with Denise  

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