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  • A cutting edge company looking to break boundaries and teach your team how to embrace change and experience extreme growth and success?
  • Looking to take responsibility, empower creativity, and encourage risk taking?
  • In need of a clearer vision and tools to positively communicate the message?
  • Wondering how to stop competition and infighting and align everyone to drive in the same direction?

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  • A focused, determined, action oriented individual?
  • Dissatisfied with a certain aspect of your business or your life?
  • Looking to grow, learn, do and be MORE?
  • Confident that with the right skills, tools, ideas, and accountability you can achieve extraordinary success.

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Adventure leadership includes the assessment, tools, and breakthrough techniques to release the negative energy and blocks that keep a company stagnant and embrace the connection and focus that catapults them forward to alignment, engagement, and success.

Adventure Leader Retreats are customized based upon the gaps and goals found in the Discovery Session.

Whether your leadership is teetering on the edge of the abyss… or you have reached a certain level of success and know you can achieve more with the right guidance, Heather’s team can help!

You know that no one turns around an organization by themselves.  It is a team effort and while there are plenty of internal people who will need to step up, you also know the value of having someone from outside the organization to help.  Someone who is not tied to the “way we have always done things” and can bring an objective, 3rd party perspective to the situation. Someone who knows what it takes to get people working together toward a common goal.  Someone to Fire Up your leadership and your organization!



Due to the limited number of spaces and extreme interest in the Extreme Exec Success Coaching Program, we ask that you fill out a brief application. Investment, commitment, and full program details will be discussed in the discovery session. Click here to complete the application.

The Extreme Exec Success Coaching Program is not for the faint of heart.  It is for someone who has already reached a certain level of success but knows that with the right coach he or she can breakthrough to new levels of success and joy.

This program is very personal and designed to help you overcome your specific blocks, uncover your unique gifts, and find innovative paths to solve challenges and achieve massive goals.

If you’ve ever had a trainer so you could compete in an athletic event, ever had a business mentor to help you move up at a company, or ever had a teacher who inspired you to follow your dreams…you know in your heart the power of coaching.

Don’t wait to learn more about Extreme Exec Success Coaching.  Complete the application to Ignite the Flame within You.