As an event planner, do you want less stress? More time? And satisfied event attendees that sing your praises?? How about an innovative speaker who can Fire Up your team? Someone who is dynamic, impactful, AND a pleasure to work with??

Heather Hansen O'Neill will make your job easier and more rewarding with:

  • Guaranteed 48 hour response time on all correspondence ... most within 8 hours ... so your questions are answered quickly and efficiently.
  • Celebrity quality speeches without the ego hassles.
  • Event questionnaires and/or phone consultations to customize the presentation and ensure an amazing event.
  • Easily downloadable speaker bio, pictures, and marketing copy to make your job easier.  (See below.)

If you are a event planner or meeting organizer, you will find that it is incredibly easy to work with keynote speaker Heather Hansen O'Neill from start to finish. No matter which keynote speech you have asked Heather to deliver, you will be amazed how she will make you look good!


What else do you need?

Heather is happy to provide what you need to make your event successful and her keynote speech an important, long remembered part of your day’s activities.

Check out the event planner resources provided below.  They are designed to help you promote your event, produce a world class event and finally, earn the praise of attendees and superiors for putting together such a great time for all.  Heather's goal is to make you, as the person responsible for the event, look good!


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Corporate One Sheets / Flyers

College One Sheets / Flyers

Keynote One Sheet / Flyer


AudioVisual Requirements

CLIENT, at its expense, provides SPEAKER with:

LCD Projector and screen

Ability to play audio and video from power point

Wireless advancer

Lavaliere microphone

Internet access

Post it Flip chart and markers


Client Pre-Event Survey

Click here to complete and submit survey.



One of the biggest takeaways that attendees have from events is the connection they make to people they meet. As a planner, you understand how important networking is. I'm sure you even make it part of your plan! I'm here to help with that process. Here are two quick resources for you. The Checklist for Networking Success is a helpful list of reminders when planning an event so that you can make sure to incorporate networking to optimal success. The Networking Secrets document is something you can print and share with attendees as a value added resource to help them effective navigate the networking maze. Enjoy!

Event Networking Checklist

Networking Secrets

If you need something else, please contact Heather at 203-312-4990.

Promo Video(s)

Heather can provide you with a brief video to promote her keynote speech at your upcoming event.  You can send this promo video to your employees or members ahead of time to get them Fired Up to attend.

On site and ready to go.  Heather makes it a point to arrive in plenty of time for your event so that you are not wondering where she is or if she is prepared.

Pre-Speech Sound & Stage Check

Heather makes herself available as much as possible so she is familiar with your equipment and setup prior to the event.  It may seem like a small detail, but having a keynote speaker who is cooperative and knowledgeable can make your event go more smoothly

Event Video

While Heather does not claim to be an expert in video equipment or setup, she has loads of connections with video experts and is happy to connect you with them if you want to have your event videotaped.  Video is a useful marketing tool and is also used by some seminar planners for legal reasons, e.g. to document what occurred or what was offered by a speaker.

Follow Up Video(s)

Heather can provide you with a brief video to re-connect with the audience who heard her keynote speech at your event.  You can send this promo video to attendees to reflect positively on the event and remember all the great information that got them Fired Up at your event.

Follow Up Article(s)

After the event, the memories may start to fade so Heather can offer an article with key insights and takeaways from the presentation that you can send to attendees as a follow-up to reinforce the valuable content in the keynote speech.