Teams often experience a lack of productivity and profitability due to communication breakdowns. With the Teams on Fire! approach you will be able to transform a lackluster, underperforming team into a productive, profitable and motivated one. An award- winning speaker, author and communication expert, Heather Hansen O’Neill shares a combination of DiSC behavioral concepts, leadership strategies and inspired actions to ignite a more positive, focused, productive atmosphere.

This dynamic presentation generates energy, creativity and jump starts productivity. Interactive, thought provoking, and action oriented this program is great for women’s groups, corporate teams, and associations. Warning: Use with caution. This program has been known to create a fire in the belly of those looking to change careers and pursue their passion.

Are your sales down? Has your team morale extinguished? Heather Hansen O’Neill’s proven strategies offer corporate sales teams and groups of entrepreneurs’ the MAP to fire up their profits. MAP is for Mindset, Action, and Process- a system that Heather uses to help people and teams effectively increase their sales.

In today’s business environment, the company that creates a culture where every employee embraces change obtains a competitive advantage. The Phoenix program provides top strategies for project leaders to help their team see the vision and focus on what is possible as opposed to fearing the unknown. Acclaimed author and speaker Heather Hansen O’Neill will energize and educate your audience with innovative keys to successful transition.