Teams On Fire!
Transforming Your Group into a Productive, Profitable and Motivated Team

If your team is experiencing miscommunications, struggle, and performance issues that are impacting deadlines and profitability these top 26 strategies and actions for success will help...the ABC's of turning around an under-performing team. $14.94

Find Your Fire at Forty:
Creating a Joyful Life in the Age of Discontent

Often we spend the first part of our lives striving to reach goals that may or may not have been forced upon us. We work, care for family, and constantly strive to fulfill our numerous obligations. Then at some point we wake up and ask “Is this all there is?”

Find Your Fire at Forty: Creating a Joyful Life During the Age of Discontent provides an innovative look at how to transition through pain and discontent to a more productive, joyful life. $14.94

7 Timeless Principles for Success:
Strategies for Business Leaders in a Changing World

This information packed audio program includes 2 CDs and a workbook with concepts and action steps business owners and managers can use to improve the systems and bottom line of their companies. Created by the Knowledge Alliance this idea filled set includes experts in the fields of sales, motivation, systems, customer relations, presentation skills, and wealth management. $49.95

Fired Up!

Feel the full out effects of Heather’s energy and enthusiasm as she strives to stir up the fire in you. Keep this audio program in your car to get you fired up before any situation in which you want to shine. $25.00

Leading the Change: 21 Insights from the Experts

This audio program offers leading edge tips and strategies on how to successfully navigate change.

This 6 part audio program is based on responses gathered from guests on the Inspired Team Leader radio show. All are powerful nuggets you can use to lead change on your team, in your company, and in your life. $25.00