Heather has written the book on how to get teams fired up for success . . . literally!

People talk about teamwork and team development all the time.  But what does it really mean?  And why is it so important in business today?

Internal teams experiencing miscommunication, infighting and demotivation will notice a block in productivity.  Infuse your team with new energy and tools to increase communication and effectiveness.  The environment will be more positive, enjoyable, and Yes…profitable

Take the time to develop your team to create more profitability.



Heather specializes on Teams in Transition.  Downsizing, right-sizing, reorganizing, reengineering—all are indications of the pressure on organizations to reduce the size of their workforces. The only way to cope with this need to do more with less is by working cooperatively in an environment of respect, drawing on all the resources available to get the job done.  Even when companies are expanding, hiring, growing, and thriving change is occurring.  And change, no matter how positive, can be difficult.  

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