Moving Today's Leaders from What IS to What CAN BE!

We joined forces to create a book for leaders who are looking to understand themselves better and blaze a trail forward where business people can effectively run their teams and companies from any location. This is because they have awakened to the idea that the ‘office’ is always within them.

In “Where’s The Office?” I, Heather Hansen O’Neill and Wilford A. Lewis Provide an Empowering New Perspective on Service, Communication Skills and True Fulfillment.

At this time of historic global disruption, millions of business leaders and employees at every level continue to reassess every facet of their working lives.

We encourage readers to see this dramatic migration as a sign that a new door has opened, allowing us to engage in our work in a more meaningful and fulfilling way and expand our imagination to embrace innovative ideas, new skills and new opportunities to collaborate with others.

Other, “pre-pandemic” factors that have helped usher in this dramatic shift in how we approach our work and our workplace include the ever-increasing pace of technological innovation and the growing impasse between employees of different generations.

“The world has forced our hand in defining a space for growth and leadership that expands beyond the four walls of a traditional office … and this is a gift.”

This urgent need for new solutions brought us together to envision the many positive implications of this new “era of choice” and to offer several mind-expanding frameworks through which we can now approach our work. The result of our work together is a remarkable handbook that can serve as an inspiring example of the kind of collaboration that is now available to all of us.

The Seven Levels of Communication is a transformational tool when used with the following approach:

  • Understand that people naturally travel up and down the levels depending on their style as well as what’s needed at the moment.
  • Working with your team on the Seven Levels allows you to use it as a language to better understand people and to encourage them to expand and elevate through the levels from a place of both acceptance and growth.
  • The outcomes from consciously spending time in the higher levels increase connection, idea generation, purposeful action planning, and more.

Mind SPACE – in addition to the concept that we encourage leaders to move from physical space into mind space in order to embrace that the office resides within them, there is a Mind SPACE tool. It can help you assess where you are in 5 key areas in order to prioritize focused action for improvement.

Mind SPACE is an acronym that stands for:

  • Shared vision
  • Personality
  • Access
  • Connection
  • Emotion

When these 5 areas are flowing, peak performance occurs.


A Word from the Authors

Heather Hansen O'Neill

Is an international speaker, author of Find Your Fire and Teams on Fire!, 2x TEDx speaker, and behavioral expert. She recognized that her friend Will’s Mind SPACE idea would be highly relevant in today’s world, with those recently forced from their physical space by the COVID-19 pandemic. Heather's research and work with current successful companies has validated the relevance of Mind SPACE in today's world. Her mission is to open leader’s minds and hearts to the possibility within them.

Will A. Lewis

Created the visual support system for the deployment of the Polaris Submarine Weapon System and later served as General Manager of GE's advertising agency. Over 50 years ago, he conceived of the concept of moving from physical space to mind space. A visionary ahead of his time. Why pay attention to Will Lewis? He asks key questions and teaches the answers. Where's the Office? is the latest question and you will enjoy the implications of the answer, including the fact that flexible behavior is the essence of intelligence.