MIT to Healing with Brent Michael Phillips

MIT to Healing with Brent Michael Phillips

This week’s theme: MIT to Healing

People are seeking higher consciousness and healing in their lives. How do they do that? What is higher consciousness? Is energy healing possible? These are just a few questions that may be tackled in this interview.

The search for higher states of consciousness is becoming increasingly popular these days. People know that there are many facets to our being and numerous ways for us to study this mystery existence of ours: they may turn towards science, religion, philosophy — or take a more spiritual approach towards our quest for higher consciousness. Our special guest is an expert in moving from the science of engineering into the science of consciousness.

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Brent Michael Phillips

Brent Michael Phillips was a world class software engineer from MIT, and helped to create the modern Internet during his time in graduate school at MIT. After leaving MIT to pursue a technology start-up, he experienced a staggering physical challenge, and years of chronic pain and failed treatments led doctors to put him on permanent disability.

With his right arm paralyzed after an experimental surgery, Brent went to a healer, and experienced his first miracle when his arm was instantly and permanently healed. Knowing his life path was fortuitously altered, he then spent years studying with the world’s best master healers, gurus, psychics, and spiritual teachers to discover and reverse-engineer the scientific laws and principles underlying miraculous instant healing, financial abundance, loving relationships, and even enlightenment.

He is the creator of the Awakening Dynamics system, which consists of advanced consciousness technologies for subconscious clearing, instant healing, manifestation, seeing energy and auras, and the ascension of consciousness from Awakening to Enlightenment. Brent is an award-winning author, an #1 best-selling co-author, and the inventor of the patent-pending Formula for Miracles technology. His greatest passions are teaching healing and helping others to experience their own genuine spiritual Awakening.

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Quote of the Day:

“As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.” ~Maya Angelou


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