"Imagine a world where everyone contributes to helping a person or a community"


Heather and the Find Your Fire team believe each business and each person has the responsibility to give back.  To give of their time, to share their gifts, to contribute money or resources, to leave a legacy.

Since Heather believes great joy and impact comes from specifically using our unique talents to give back, she created a program called L-FOCUS.

L-FOCUS (Leadership For Our Children’s Ultimate Success) is dedicated to connecting the best leaders today with high potential students, and creating the next generation of leaders that communicate stronger, connect deeper, and contribute to the world in a powerful way.

No matter what your beliefs or your background I think we can all agree that the world needs a little help right now. There is a need for better leadership, stronger communication, deeper connections, and real contribution. It’s time. The mission is to share leadership strategies and energize communities and companies to lead in a different way.

From Thoughtful Communication

From Strength of Character

With Open Sharing

And in a Respectful Conversation between the Generations.



OPTION 1:   Every company that hires Find Your Fire for a keynote presentation or training is contributing.  A portion of every program goes to a fund to give students that have huge potential and desire but no means a spot in our leadership intensives.

OPTION 2:   Leadership events are being held at high schools and colleges across the country.  Let us connect you with a local event.  When you sponsor an event our team will send press releases to your local media and promote your contribution to the community.

OPTION 3:   We are looking for additional companies to provide internships to the best of the best from our leadership intensives.  You get access to motivated students that have been trained on communication and leadership strategies and the students get a wonderful opportunity to strive toward during the program.

Please click here to receive information on how to help the future leaders of our businesses and our communities.