Better Meetings with Nikole Fridenmaker

Better Meetings with Nikole Fridenmaker

This week’s theme: Better Meetings

There’s a difference between living a life that’s successful and a life that’s significant. Everyone longs to live their dream careers, hoping that when the day ends, success is what awaits them. In a practical world, success is good but significance plays a big part. “Significance” is about making an impact and engaging with different people to extend influence through social media, conferences, and meetings.

A meeting is more than a company requirement. There is so much to learn once we focus on the benefits we could acquire from it. Nikole Fridenmaker highlighted the impact that she makes whenever she plans meetings. She shared several tips on having a comfortable and worthwhile meeting experience. Nikole is great at sharing lessons, stories, and tips so prepare yourself to know the secret to having better meetings!

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Nikole Fridenmaker

Nikole Fridenmaker is a Business Events Expert with over 25 years of experience in the professional meetings and events industry. Through college she wanted to be a Doctor, she had no idea that being a meeting professional was even an option. After graduation, when she realized she wanted life to go with her career and not just a career, she wound up planning
scientific events and conferences. From that moment, her passion for the events industry was born.

She strategically sought out opportunities that would expand her knowledge of the industry and make her more marketable. This varied experience and desire to help others in the industry is what led her to create Fridenmaker Consulting and Building Better Meetings.

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Quote of the Day:

“The magic to a great meeting is all of the work that’s done beforehand.” ~Bill Russell


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