What Do You See?

What Do You See?

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One could see….Dark. Dreary. Cloudy. Nasty. Cold.

Or one could look deeper.

Just beyond the clouds is a ray of sun. There’s wind blowing. Movement. Just below the ice, the water flows. That water pushes, thrusts, and breaks through the ice. It generates movement. Energy. Motion. Action. Results.

That’s You.

You may sense the clouds of confusion. You may feel the icy chill of fear or isolation. Your mind may concoct excuses or blame, causing you to feel trapped and stagnant.

But at your core you have the capacity to be the sun. To be the water. Under the surface of the complacency, worry, or angst lies the solution. It’s within you. Everything you need is already there. It’s just shrouded at this moment. Clouded over by something outside of yourself that’s scaring you. Your heart has the answer. If the answer you hear is negative and frightening that’s not your heart. That’s your mind speaking. That’s where fear is. Dig deeper. Listen harder. The heart is quiet. It’s strength. It’s conviction. It’s solutions. It’s positive energy. It’s light. It’s love. Even if the answer isn’t apparent right away the heart knows where to look. It’s the deep feeling that tells you to ask a question, to look in a certain direction, to seek out a specific person, to keep moving forward.

Bonus. When you trust in the grace that is within you, you not only find peace and hope for you…you shine so brightly you inspire others to find their light. And that- That is everything.

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    Thank you for writing this Heather. I needed to hear this.

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