Empathy & Research with Dr. G

Empathy & Research with Dr. G

This week’s theme: Empathy & Research

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  Empathy can be cultivated through practice. It is important to practice active listening and to try to understand the other person’s point of view. Compassion and understanding are key components of empathy. Being able to recognize and acknowledge the emotions of another person can help to build trust and connection. Practicing empathy helps to create an environment of understanding and respect. It can also help to reduce conflict, as empathy allows for a deeper understanding of one another.

Guest expert today is Dr. G- or Dr. Bre Gentile, an expert in trauma-informed research. The trauma-informed design demonstrates care, empathy, and a commitment to inclusion. It is a comprehensive approach to designing spaces or services that are intended to be supportive and safe for people who have experienced trauma. It is important to recognize the individual’s strengths, needs, and preferences in order to create a space that is tailored to their specific needs.

From Fear to Fire: Secrets to Overcome Fear, Embrace your Gifts and Achieve Success

This is the place where real people share real challenges. Where you can find a common bond and uncommon wisdom through their stories. Use tips from the breakthroughs of others to jump start your success. Speaker, author, adventurer, and host Heather Hansen O’Neill takes you on the journey from fear to fire. Today we talk about correlating empathy and research to better understand users and to engage deeply with them.

Dr. G

Dr. G is a globally renowned expert in trauma-informed research. Using her background as a clinical psychologist she helps companies big and small to create products and services that are healing and empowering.

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Quote of the Day:

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa


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