Lessons Learned from NASA leader Michael Ciannilli

Lessons Learned from NASA leader Michael Ciannilli

This week’s theme: Lessons Learned from NASA

NASA is a government agency that does a variety of things, including exploring space, developing new technologies, and protecting our planet from climate change. But it’s not just about building rockets or satellites; it’s also about learning from mistakes and continual improvement.

That is, NASA has a system in place for sharing lessons learned from each mission, experiment, and project so that we can improve their practices in the future. The program’s goal is to improve NASA’s ability to learn from past mistakes and avoid them in the future. The program encourages transparency, sharing, and accountability. It’s called ACCLLP and is lead by our guest expert today- Michael Ciannilli. We think you’ll find his message and passion fascinating.

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Michael Ciannilli

Michael “Mike” Ciannilli leads NASA’s Apollo, Challenger, Columbia Lessons Learned Program (ACCLLP) directing and developing a wide array of activities to innovatively and effectively share the Agency’s lessons learned to help powerfully influence NASA’s mission success across all programs and missions. Previously, Ciannilli served as NASA Test Director for the Space Shuttle Program where he lead the entire launch team through space shuttle launch countdown activities and was responsible for the processing oversight of the space shuttle orbiters and ground support systems. He also served as the Landing Recovery Director leading contingency operations during launch countdown and landing activities, including a potential emergency flight crew recovery.

Prior to this, Ciannilli lead the creation and development of the internationally recognized Forever Remembered exhibit located at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. Ciannilli has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the prestigious Silver Snoopy Award, NASA Exceptional Service Medal, Launch and Landing Leadership Award, Launch Countdown Simulation Contingency Leadership Award, Columbia Recovery Team Award, and a NASA Quest Outreach Award among many others.

Connect with Michael:

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Powerful YouTube video called 16 Minutes from Home- a tribute to the Space Shuttle Columbia Mission and Team

Quote of the Day:

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you could not.” ~Rikki Rogers


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