The Elements of Adventure: Empowering Leaders, Igniting Results, Changing the World

The Elements of Adventure: Empowering Leaders, Igniting Results, Changing the World

With all the changes going on in the world, all companies are facing the adventure of a lifetime. Some may call it a nightmare because today’s reality is filled with angst, miscommunication, indifference, and stress. However, empowering leaders in progressive companies are using this opportunity to differentiate themselves from the masses with new ways of thinking and doing business.

When we look at the 2023 research, we see clearly that something different must be done:

  • Quiet quitters” make up at least 50% of the U.S. workforce, according to this Gallup poll 
  • The American Institute of Stress found that:
    • 94% of workers report feeling stress at work.
    • Stress, anxiety, and depression cost the global economy around $1 trillion in lost productivity.
  • According to MarketingWeek, “One in three (33%) are nervous about the survival of the business they work for beyond this year, while 71% fear for the security of their own job.” 

What would change if you had a framework that aligned with your human-centric values and also helped you achieve the most aggressive business goals and community impact?

I created a model that provides these solutions.

The Elements of Adventure: Empowering Leaders, Igniting Results, Changing the World

is a holistic process that clearly transforms life’s complexities and business challenges into a joyful journey using the properties of earth, water, air, and fire as the framework for success. It combats the current, most pressing issues of confusion, isolation, apathy, and inertia with focused strategies including: 

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  • The foundation of Purpose (earth)
  • The flow of Relationships (water)
  • Inspiration that generates solutions that soar (air)
  • And the ability to Action goals that turn dreams into reality (fire)
PURPOSE: When the heaviness of uncertainty and the fear of change descend, savvy leaders return to the rock and foundation of purpose. That vision, based on common values, strengthens the organization. It’s what will protect it from massive confusion, siloing, and a lack of cohesion often seen during difficult times. 

Of course, if Purpose is an area they haven’t curated and communicated well, the lack of it will intensify the difficult times. I’ll do a deep dive on each of the four sections of the model in the upcoming articles. 

For now, consider this. Who would be better prepared to handle a surprising change in the economy, an aggressive assault from a competitor, or a widespread health issue like the recent pandemic?

  • A company whose people feel underappreciated, lost, or doubt their leaders have their backs? OR…
  • One where everyone has conviction in the grounding principles the company is based upon, clear direction in where they are headed, and compassionate flexible leaders who trust them?
RELATIONSHIPS: What about our people and the interconnected relationships that not only ensure the best work but also the best environment? Teams have catapulted into overwhelm without addressing the unresolved feelings of isolation and division from the last few years. Many organizations have yet to figure out how to support wellbeing, engagement, and effective communication between individuals, departments, and the external world. 

The good news is the strategies in The Elements of Adventure stimulate the flow of positive, productive, and connected business relationships essential to great performance.

Imagine working in either of these scenarios. Which would you prefer?

  • A negative environment where best practices aren’t shared, micromanagement is rampant, and success is undermined? (No, I’m not exaggerating. These issues happen in companies all around us, every day.)
  • Or a positive open atmosphere where you feel valued, supported, and free to take responsibility for creative ideas that solve problems and serve a bigger purpose?
INSPIRATION: Apathy is heavy. ‘Quiet quitting’ may not be discussed but its presence is felt deeply. It squashes creativity. When you lift that veil, release the fear, and encourage the freedom to fail, lessons are learned and inspired ideas are born. Concepts initiated from inspiration provide innovative solutions that soar. 

Have you ever experienced either of these in a meeting?

  • Those who are ‘phoning it in’ energetically sitting right next to those chained to old ways- both infecting anyone with a new idea, energy, or attitude.
  • A group energy that attracts diverse experiences, perspectives, and approaches all with the intention to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Which appeals to you?

ACTION: People, organizations, and initiatives get stuck every day. The most amazing opportunities are hampered by the fears, judgments, assumptions, and incorrect beliefs that construct division and limit progress. Breaking old patterns, becoming curious, and consciously activating the best strategies will empower you and your people to generate momentum and achieve better outcomes.

There are examples of this in every human and role in a company. Let’s take a look at what it might mean for a salesperson.

  • Having aggressive quotas without explanation or buy-in can cause inactivity or ineffective steps that reinforce inertia. Combine that with subconscious beliefs about sales in general or the individuals’ abilities and you have a recipe for disaster.
  • Or you can consciously release judgments and choose better habits and strategies to enhance productivity and results. 

It’s an intentional shift that can make all the difference.

It’s definitely possible to wake up from the nightmare and enjoy the adventure that is your life and career!


Be on the lookout for deeper dive articles into the 4 elements coming soon! Or for more information right away about The Elements of Adventure, schedule a complimentary call HERE.

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