Humanity in Government with Glenn Akramoff

Humanity in Government with Glenn Akramoff

This week’s theme: Humanity in Government

Humanity in government signifies a transformative approach that recognizes the intrinsic value of individuals. A focus on humanity lies at the core of the human-centered approach, which aims to reposition individuals at the center of the workplace.

The transformation of workplaces is a key element in the pursuit of a better world, one that prioritizes the enhancement of overall well-being and health and the realization of human maximization. One of our guest expert’s main goals, as he noted, is changing the world by changing the workplace.

From Fear to Fire: Secrets to Overcome Fear, Embrace your Gifts and Achieve Success

This is the place where real people share real challenges. Where you can find a common bond and uncommon wisdom through their stories. Use tips from the breakthroughs of others to jump start your success. Speaker, author, adventurer, and host Heather Hansen O’Neill takes you on the journey from fear to fire. Today we talk about the human-centered approach to the work place and the importance of workplace productivity.

Glenn Akramoff

Glenn Akramoff is the founder and CEO of Akramoff LLC. His expertise is rehabilitating and revitalizing municipal government workplaces and has developed a program that will improve any organization by returning humanity to the center of focus.

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Website: Akramoff and The Human-Centered Team

Social Media accounts:
LinkedIn: glennakramoff
Twitter (X): GlennAkramoff
Facebook: akramoffconsulting
Youtube: @humancenteredteams

Quote of the Day:

“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” ~Thomas Jefferson


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