Scaling Businesses with Debbie Millin

Scaling Businesses with Debbie Millin

This week’s theme: Scaling Businesses

In scaling businesses, it’s crucial to prioritize taking time for yourself to recharge. Burnout can hinder productivity, so ensure you give yourself ample breaks to maintain your well-being. This becomes even more important as you take on key roles in a company, where your presence and performance are vital.

As your business grows, you’ll need to constantly delegate tasks to accommodate new responsibilities. This involves understanding what tasks to delegate to your staff and leveraging their strengths. This process not only helps in managing your workload but also ensures that your team is fully utilized, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of the business and get things out of your head.

From Fear to Fire: Secrets to Overcome Fear, Embrace your Gifts and Achieve Success

This is the place where real people share real challenges. Where you can find a common bond and uncommon wisdom through their stories. Use tips from the breakthroughs of others to jump start your success. Speaker, author, adventurer, and host Heather Hansen O’Neill takes you on the journey from fear to fire.  Today we talk about tips on how to do things differently and innovative strategies for scaling your business to success.

Debbie Millin

Debbie Millin is the CEO of UpperLevel Solutions, and helps first-time CEO/Founders of world-changing technology companies to scale their business.

She has over 20 years of executive experience in disruptive industries scaling some of the fastest growing companies in America. Debbie has led two different companies to be the fastest growing in Massachusetts, growing one company from 3 people to a $4.2 billion valuation in less than six years. She currently works with AI, biotech, health-tech and energy-tech companies.

She serves as a board member at the Museum of Science, the Harvard Club of Boston and the Harvard Business School Alumni Board, and is an independent board member for multiple companies including Neosoma and The Stellix Group.

Connect with Debbie:

UpperLevel Solutions

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Personal LinkedIn: Debbie Millin
Business LinkedIn: UpperLevel Solutions

Debbie will be launching on the platform on June 12th. As a Fear to Fire listener, you can get 25% off a consultation with the code MILLIN25

Quote of the Day:

“Don’t watch other people’s paths and measure your success against theirs. Recognize that you have chosen a path for a reason.” ~Beth-Ann Eason


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